Thursday, September 15, 2011

Addie on the Road

While my nicknames for Addie are "Angel," "Sweetypie," "Cutie," "Addie May," etc., others have nicknamed her "Jaws", "Shark Bite" and "No No Bad Dog." (Given with affection of course... I hope!)  I admit that their nicknames may be closer to the truth most of the time, but in the car, Addie is a dream dog.

On our recent trip we drove 13 hours to get to our destination in Washington State.  Addie was amazing.  We made regular stops to take her to go potty, which she did, and walk her around a little. 

We had the back of our Passat wagon folded down and she slept most of the way.  Since she is usually such a wild thing, I figured we got lucky.

After arriving at our destination, of course, she made up for lost time and was crazy wild!  Our friends have a sweet little Boston Terrier named Maggie, and Addie made her life miserable for ten days.  I was afraid I'd made a terrible mistake imposing her on our dear friends, and poor little Maggie.  She was a handful, and a pain, and exasperating, but Addie had a great time and loved everything and everybody. (Even Maggie, as long as she didn't get near her food, water or toys.)

On the way home we took several days to drive down the Oregon coast.  I was apprehensive about Addie being good in the car because I thought maybe that her behavior on the way up might have been a fluke.  But she was absolutely wonderful for all three days!  Sometimes she would sit perched between us, watching where we were going.  But most of the time she just slept in the back... I was very impressed.  Little Addie May was such an Angel!  And turning out to be so great!  We so enjoyed her company.

When we got home, she went wild again. She ran around at full throttle for hours in the backyard and just couldn't settle down.  Its been days now, and she still hasn't settled down!  I told Woody we were going to have to go back on the road!

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