Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Ball

Addie loves her ball.  She loves to chase after it, and catch it, and run back to me with it...and she loves to have it, but she doesn't like to give it up or share it.  I think that we have very different ideas of fun when it comes to playing with the ball.  I think its fun to throw it and have her retrieve it over and over again.  She thinks its much more fun to play keep away with it.  So what happens is; she finds the ball and looks at me expectantly from afar, if I try to get it she runs away, so I ignore her.  She gets closer and closer and drops the ball, but she's still not ready and if I try to get it she picks it up quickly.  I ignore her.  She gets closer and closer, and then right up next to me, waits awhile, then drops the ball or rolls it to me.  Ah... she's ready!  I pick the ball up and throw it!  Then it starts all over again.  My husband thinks she's not very smart, but I know she is extremely smart. She just has a different idea of fun.  Hopefully we'll have a meeting of the minds at some point.  Or we can play fetch about every 10-15 minutes!  Seems to suit her just fine.

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