Tuesday, August 16, 2011


If Addie is cheery, active and wild in the morning, its nothing compared to how she gets late at night.  Right around 10:00 pm her energy rises to a peak and she officially becomes a member of the wild animal kingdom.  There is no calming her down, uh uh.  If you pick her up she wiggles, squirms, bites, snaps, growls, squeals and does everything she can to get away and run, run, run.  She picks up anything and everything in her path; rocks, sticks, hoses, flower pots, flowers, cushions, and runs tail flying, ears flopping, with an unmistakeable grin of pure exuberance, delight and glee.  Then back to you to grab your shoes and bite your feet, pull your pants.  And there is no getting her attention.  You can shout, plead, run away, make loud noises, growl at her, and she is oblivious in her own world of perfect pleasure.  Every night, when we are dog tired and ready for bed, and ready for her to go to bed, she is contrarily expending the last little bit of energy from the day in a furious burst of mischief and terror.  And if I don't let her get all that out, and put her to bed in her crate, she thrashes around in there and she's like a blender dog.  Sigh...

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