Thursday, August 11, 2011

Good Morning?

Addie loves the morning. She wakes up bright and cheery, full of energy and eagerness.  I on the other hand have never, ever been a morning person... unless... I have a plane to catch, which always means big fun is happening soon!

When I was in high school, my job was to make lunches for my family in the morning, a dreaded task.  Every morning (except weekends) my dad would oh so cheerfully come in my room, turn on the light and wake me with a lilting greeting.  To this day he is always good natured and pleasant. I didn't appreciate his good humor then, on those mornings, when I was sure I hadn't slept nearly long enough and felt that the task given me at that hour was unjust and cruel.  Although I only remember my feelings at the time, and not my actions, being a teenager and not at all happy about being woken up, I'm pretty sure I probably wasn't very nice to him.  But my dad, who had a long day ahead of him, and not always a pleasant one I'm sure, and had to deal with waking up a grumpy teenager, was always wide awake, happy, bright and cheery, like Addie.  I wonder if he is still like that in the mornings...

So Addie wakes up a terror at first light.  I have to let her out of her crate to pee and she runs, almost flying, everywhere and grabs everything as I chase after her to retrieve socks, toilet paper, rocks, sticks, plants, and anything else she can find, and try to get her to eat her breakfast and play with her own toys, which she has no interest in, either one, whatsoever.  Because getting things that aren't her toys is so much more fun... me chasing her around in exasperation.  Her little face is full of glee and mischief and she is absolutely the cutest... and here I am again, grumpy and resentful, sure I haven't slept nearly long enough and feeling my plight is unjust and cruel.  It'll be like this for a long time I'm sure... sigh... but I so love and appreciate them both, my dad and Addie, and I am so envious of their great enthusiasm, for any kind of day, in the morning.

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